Let’s Collab!

I'd love to work with you!
I’d love to work with you!

I love working with other bloggers, crafters, and creative folks.  When I had my brick and mortar store, I valued teamwork and helping others above all else, and that team spirit still drives everything I do.  Here are some awesome ways we could work together:

  • I would love to promote what you do!  Reach out to find options to for me to share your appropriate content with my friendly and active Instagram followers, display an ad for your brand, or write a blog post about you.
  • I am always up for writing a guest blog post or sharing your guest content.
  • I spent years ghost writing before I launched this blog, so if you’re looking for steady, quietly created content on almost any topic, let me know.  I love writing for other blogs.
  • I’m slowly inching away from my maker world, and I still enjoy working with other crafty people.  I sew, screen print, make jewelry, and lots of other things.  If you need branded shirts printed, want someone to stitch some pillows with your art, or have another fun crafty idea, let me know.

To find out more about my previous life as a ’round the clock crafty gal, check out my website here.  Even though I am not buying new materials for a year, I would still love to discuss any project you might have in mind.  Chances are, I still have some supplies on hand anyway.  Contact me below so we can discuss working together!  We might not find the perfect project, but I bet I can help you find the help you need.  You might as well just ask!