Nothing New

The Year of Nothing New Challenge is more than reducing my carbon footprint.  I am also embracing simplicity and mindfulness, and I am celebrating life outside of consumerism and consumption.  At our house, whenever something breaks, we soothe each other with the Buddhist adage, “The glass is already broken.” We aim to accept impermanence and find greater peace.  So, a year of letting go and doing without is a practice in finding calm as well as an environmentally thoughtful choice.

Simply put, I have enough already.  I have a home, food, clothing, and a library card.  I don’t need to fill every nook with another “something,” and I’m hoping that my quest for simplicity will be easy enough to achieve, too.

My 20+ year old vans are one of my favorite things…so why do I want to buy new things, too?

I’d love to have you join me in living with less!  I’m sharing the parameters of my challenge here so you can adapt them to your needs.  Join our Facebook group to share the story of your minimalist life, too.

My Year of Nothing New:

  • I won’t buy any new clothing, appliances, furniture, housewares, etc.
  • If I need something “new to me,” I will find it in thrift stores, on craigslist, or at ReStore.
  • I can buy food and other consumables like toiletries, cleaners, and some office products.
  • I can also buy new underwear and socks, if needed.  😉
  • I am making a concerted effort to buy less plastic packaging.  Sometimes this means finding an alternative, like using solid shampoo instead of bottled shampoo.  Sometimes this means going without. (Mascara!)
  • I’m going to ask friends and family to buy us experience gifts, like museum memberships and movie tickets, instead of things.
  • I’m going to carry my own take-out containers and water bottles.
  • I’m going to shop in the bulk section whenever I can.
  • This journey is mine alone.  If my family chooses to join me, even in a modified way, I will appreciate the camaraderie.  However, if, when, and how they participate, if they do at all, is their choice.


I’d love to hear about your experiences, and any ideas you have about my challenge!  I’m going to share my ups and downs of this challenge here, too.