Recipe: Vegan Aquafaba Ranger Cookies

I love cookies, especially the crunchy, coconut-y texture of ranger cookies.  They put my whole day on pause, distracting me from whatever else I’m thinking about.  This magical quality has made for many meditative and delicious snack breaks, but it also led my sisters to affectionately dub ranger cookies “car wreck cookies.”

Snack breaks make me happy.

When I was in high school,  I was completely subscribed to the “live life to the fullest by packing your schedule!” mentality.  Between school, jobs, and after school activities I barely had time to eat or sleep.   The vending machine was my best friend, and many meals consisted of yummy little packets of ranger cookies and a Diet Coke.  I was always skipping out of play practice early to rush to cheerleading late.  In my Toyota Paseo that rolled down the street crooked because previous owners had wrecked it so many times, I’d zip through neighborhoods, blasting music, chatting with friends, and munching cookies.  Life as it should be, right?

Then, one drizzly day, I dropped my little bag of cookies.  I frantically reached down to pick them up off the floor, and I looked up just in time to see my little red hood fly up as I crashed into a parked car.  Luckily, I wasn’t hurt, and we were able to fix my car.  Even luckier, the car I hit belonged to my former girl scout leader’s son.  He was struggling to sell it, and had just that morning announced he wished someone would just hit the car so he could collect insurance.  Thanks to ranger cookies, his wish was granted.  Maybe it was luck or karma, but I think these cookies might just be magic.

Yes, I wrecked a car for cookies like these.

My sisters still smirk whenever they see ranger cookies, and this whole myth has developed that I’m a terrible driver.  I’m really pretty conscientious behind the wheel, but I prefer the bus these days.  It’s better for the environment, and makes for safer snacking, too.

I could go on and on about the insanity of over-programming kids and adults alike, but I’ll save that for another day.  😉  I think it’s enough to recognize that, if you don’t have time to sit down and mindfully eat a cookie from time to time, you’ve got too much to do.  Cultivate a habit of saying no sometimes.  Cut out the inessentials.  Let your kids sleep in, and don’t worry if they want to skip ballet occasionally.  Be present.  Stay still.  Have a cookie.

If you’re pressed for baking time, this is the perfect recipe.  It comes together in a single bowl, and I bet you have a lot of the ingredients on hand already.  Aquafaba is the new vegan egg substitute, and it’s magic.  Amazingly, it’s just the water from soaked beans.  You can soak your own or use canned beans.  Garbanzo bean water is best, but people use white bean and pinto bean liquid, too.  You can make marshmallows, macarons, or just use it instead of eggs in your favorite baked goods.  Whenever I eat canned beans, I pour off the water and save it in a container in the fridge.

The other great thing about this ranger cookie recipe is that using 100% whole wheat flour makes them tastier!  I often notice baked goods I make with just whole wheat flour grow stale in the cupboard, but my family almost polished these off before I had a chance to photograph them!  Since they have so many other delicious textures, the whole wheat just adds to the complexity.  I’m sure you could sub a little of another favorite flour, too.

Since these are so easy to make, I’ll just get right to the recipe.  I didn’t snap many pics along the way because Eloise and I made them together, and we were immersed in the moment.  I thought photo breaks would impede on the cozy family feeling.  You’ll know what to do, though, I promise.  😉

The crunchy texture is just perfect! Chewy coconut and oats contrast with the crisp cereal texture…

Here’s how I make Vegan Aquafaba Ranger Cookies


  • 1 c vegan margarine or coconut oil
  • 1 c white sugar (less is okay, too!)
  • 1 c brown sugar (cut back if you like!)
  • 1/2 c aquafaba
  • 1 t or more vanilla
  • 2.5 c whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 t salt
  • 1 t baking soda
  • 1/2 t baking powder
  • 2 c rolled oats
  • 2 c crisp rice cereal (other cereal, like corn flakes, would work, too)
  • 1 c coconut


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  2. Lightly grease a baking sheet.
  3. Beat margarine/coconut oil, sugars, aquafaba, and vanilla until fluffy.
  4. Mix flour, salt, baking soda, and baking powder and add to wet ingredients.
  5. Mix until just combined.
  6. Add cereal, coconut, and oats.
  7. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto the baking sheet.  They don’t spread too much, so you can flatten slightly if desired.
  8. Bake about 12 minutes or until golden.
  9. Enjoy!

Be sure to avoid operating heavy machinery while snacking on these Vegan Aquafaba Ranger Cookies.  😉  If you have to eat on the run, be careful.  I really hope you take a moment to just savor a delicious snack from time to time, though.  There’s nothing more important than taking a moment just for you.  <3

2 thoughts on “Recipe: Vegan Aquafaba Ranger Cookies

  1. My mother treats cookies the same way! Once a day, she will prepare a coffee go to the porch and sit there listening to the city traffic, sipping her coffee and nibbling on her cookies.
    I don’t like using chia seeds and water as an egg substitute. I always forget that chia seeds sneak between my teeth and subsequently, I walk around the entire city for the day with black dots in my mouth! Aquafaba sounds like an alternative worth trying.

    1. Hi Daniela! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Ahhh…chia seeds. They are so fun and nutritious, but the teeth thing gets to me, too. I’ll go for long spells without using them at all just because of that. Aquafaba is really magical! If you whip it up in a mixer and slowly add olive oil, you can make vegan mayo, too. I love that it’s just humble bean water! It’s affordable and easy to find. 🙂

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